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The 2022 San Antonio Pro collapsed on Saturday September 24, 2022, as a number of competitors from Classic physique, male physique, bikini and figure fought on stage. The contest was a qualifier for the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2022 contest, which will take place from December 15-18 in Las Vegas.

The most anticipated bodybuilding show of the year will soon be here, and athletes are scrambling to decide how to earn a coveted invitation to the event. As per the Olympia qualification system, athletes have until November 21 to qualify for Mr. Olympia 2022.

Any competitor outside of the Men’s Open division who placed in the top three in last year’s Olympia contest (2021) will automatically be invited to compete in this year’s show. Some have already started training for the event, but for others, this spectacle was a perfect opportunity to secure their spot in the league’s most important contest.

Check out the 2022 San Antonio Pro winners below.

  • Classical physics: Christopher Hunt
  • Male physique: Chevrolet Phillips
  • Bikini: Brittany Hamilton
  • Figure: Rhea Gayle

2022 San Antonio Pro Results

classical physics

  • Winner — Christophe Hunte
  • Second place — Eric Wildberger
  • Third place – Zanyar Ghaderpour
  • Fourth place — Dino Estrada
  • Fifth Place—Jeff Hallenbeck
  • Sixth place – Will Sage
  • Seventh place — Mark Omenzi
  • Eighth Place—Ashwin Lucas
  • Ninth place — Jorge Tabet Aleixandre
  • Tenth place — Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallegos

male physique

  • Winner—Chevy Phillips
  • Second place — Khali Quartey
  • Third place — Joaquim Camps Angel
  • Fourth Place – Reuben Glass
  • Fifth Place—George Brown
  • Sixth place — Ismael Dominguez
  • Seventh place — Thomas Bakke
  • Eighth Place—DeAndre Booker
  • Ninth Place—Marvin Jimerson
  • Tenth Place – John Stanley Sarmiento


  • Winner—Brittany Hamilton
  • Second place — Alessia Facchin
  • Third place — Elizaveta Shmukler
  • Fourth Place—Lizzie Martinez
  • Fifth place — Wiktoria Gasior
  • Sixth place — Paola Leon
  • Seventh place — Marisela Taylor
  • Eighth place — Niccole Guggia
  • Ninth Place—Kerryne Henich
  • Tenth place — Aneta Szotysek


  • Winner — Rhea Gayle
  • Second Place – Fall Cleveland
  • Third Place — Georgina Lona
  • Fourth place — Blanca Siles
  • Fifth Place—Ashley Lakomwski
  • Sixth place — Jessica Baltazar
  • Seventh place — Martina Yabekova
  • Eighth place — Désirée Alferes
  • Ninth place—Ashley Howells
  • Tenth place — Jacquelyn Hurry

Official San Antonio Pro 2022 Scoreboards

2022 San Antonio Pro Men Physics Scoreboard

2022 San Antonio Pro Men Physics Scoreboard

San Antonio 2022 Pro Figure Scoreboard

2022 San Antonio Pro Bikini Scoreboard

Fitness Volt congratulates the winners on their success and we can’t wait to see them perform on the Olympia stage!

Teresa E. Burton