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As one of the most decorated bodybuilders to ever compete, Jay Cutler is well aware of the sacrifices required to stay on top of the sport. During a recent meeting, Cutler and bodybuilding trainer Milos Sarcev discussed whether they abused PEDs throughout their careers and how to pass drug tests.

Belonging to an elite level of bodybuilders, Jay Cutler conquered the sport with huge muscles and an incredibly balanced physique. His move into bodybuilding was met with resistance, but that didn’t stop Cutler from winning the Mr. Olympia title four times. During his epic run in the men’s open division, Cutler knocked down one of the greatest athletes the sport has ever seen eight times, Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. After dethroning “The King” in 2006, the Massachusetts native’s legacy was set in stone.

Milos Sarcev is a highly respected bodybuilding trainer who has maintained an incredibly active career in his own right. Competing in the sport, Sarcev has reached the highest stage of Mr. Olympia a total of seven times. In his later years, he maintained a busy schedule training a number of bodybuilders like famous Men’s Open competitor Regan Grimes.

Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev pull back the curtain on bodybuilding PEDs

In a recent edition of Cutler Cast podcast, Cutler and Sarcev reflected on the use of PEDs throughout their careers. According to four-time Mr. Olympia, if you pile compounds in abundance, it’s considered abuse.

“I think that I drug abuse.” says Jay.

“I know, but I feel like anything you do in abundance for a show, i.e. stack compounds, is abuse, isn’t it?” Jay told Milos.

Cutler admits there were others around abusing him in a more intense way.

“Of course, listen, there’s always someone accelerating faster than you on the road, but we’ve done a protocol but remember we’re in something that hasn’t been drug tested. It was kind of like a suicide bomber, trial and error. You were a trial and error guy, that’s how you learned your experience, right?” Jay asked in Milos.

“Yeah, I mean you take the reasonable risks that make sense.” Milos replied.

Jay says Sarcev put Gustavo Vidal in jaw-dropping shape for the Ironman contest many moons ago. In the end, Sarvcev helped Vidal to the podium at Olympia for two consecutive years after helping him.

“I’ve seen you transform some of the craziest physiques. Like, I mean, Gustavo Badell, I know we bring it up all the time. This guy went from last to winner. He was amazing for the Iron Man and then he made it to the top three in the Olympia for two years in a row. Jay explained.

“Yes, we had Dexteryou, Shawn, myself, straight from seminary and when Gustavo came he had this handbag. Then he left and Shawn said ‘what are you going to do with him?’ ‘You see as if her purse was lying on her stomach, like that. What are you going to do?’ I said, ‘just look’. He was third, with Lee and Dexter being first and second. Sarcev said to Jay.

In the eyes of “The Mind”, anyone who has used steroids throughout their bodybuilding career has probably abused them. In what came as a shock to Milos, Jay revealed that at one point in his career he was taking 1000 mig of testosterone as part of one of his protocols.

“When you say okay, you have certainly abused it. We all abuse in medical terminology. Milos shared.

“But no, like yes, I feel that the majority exceeds, as we said testosterone, like I said 500 (migs) or whatever, that was like my right sweet spot. Did I take 1000 (migs) yes.

“No one would believe you took that number.” retorted Milos.

“I took 1000 but it was a short period of time, I didn’t feel good on it.” says Jay.

Sarcev explains that the highest dose of a test he underwent was around 750 migs.

“I’ve done 750 (migs.) Milos added. I’ve seen people take between two and five thousand milligrams in a week of testosterone alone. Yeah.” (Milos laughs)

Sarcev and Cutler discuss passing drug tests

While medical innovations have changed the sport in many ways, Jay believes drugs are rampant these days and people have become adept at cheating on drug tests.

Sarcev says athletes can pass drug tests by understanding the window in which a drug will surface during a potential drug screen. However, he admits it’s harder to accomplish this in today’s bodybuilding climate.

“Now I don’t even think that’s possible. At the time, I was one of them. Milo said.

Cutler and Jay discuss the time windows it takes for a drug to cross the body.

“I know, but there are certain steroids that go in and out of the system with the best effect. Which ones should you avoid?” Jay asks.

“There is a plasma half-life. Milos replied. But then there is a clearance delay.

“As with Winstrol, it stays in your system for a long time,” Jay asks Milos.

“Yeah, if I remember correctly, 49 days is the longest, it’s just too, too long. explains Sarcev. Nandrolone can stay for a year and a half.

While some DEPs have a short half-life and leave the body quickly, some drugs can take months to leave the system.

“What about the propionate test? asks Jay.

“Yeah, well testosterone, epitestosterone ratio, let’s say you’re pulling testosterone, and it’s way above the 7:1 ratio, then you’re going to get caught. But now the most sophisticated means of testing, I wouldn’t even do it. I was approached, ‘can you beat the test?’ I said, the only way to find out is to try and no, these athletes have been tested in a lab at UCLA, and they all pass. Okay now we have the green light. That’s how we got it. “We did. Kind of like the Russians back then. If you knew how to pass the test, you could,” Milos said.

Sarcev points out that people will always find ways to thwart drug tests. Drugs have impacted all sports, even the Olympics. In an interesting tidbit, Milos says Olympia’s old contracts said you weren’t allowed to say whether you were on steroids or not.

“There are always people who will find a way to outsmart them. I didn’t believe it so I’d like to say it’s a clean sport. When I heard Charlie Francis say that nine out of ten Olympic medalists use drugs, I thought to myself “c’mon… I wouldn’t want to accept it”. You want to believe in all athlete integrity and ethics, so for us, this is not the drug testing contest I tried to enter and beat the test.

I participated in bodybuilding competitions, I had the right to take it, I took it. I would have a problem ethically myself, morally right, okay now I’m going to do this and cheat. I didn’t want to be wrong. You know, with the Weider contracts, you weren’t allowed to say if you were on steroids. Yes it was in the contract. I can not lie. I use it since ’87. If there is a way, someone will find it. There are always chemists who can produce something. says Milos.

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Milos and Jay are adamant that drug testing can be beaten and believe chemists have become more capable in this regard. Jay Cutler has reached a level in the sport that few can experience, so it’s refreshing to hear his perspective on sensitive bodybuilding issues, especially in the company of a successful trainer like Milos Sarcev.

Teresa E. Burton