This bodybuilder had the perfect response to trolls about her muscular physique

Sarah Herse, a professional bodybuilder and CrossFit trainer, said she doesn’t mind trolls criticizing her physique because she can lift up to 159 kilograms.

For anyone growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, female bodies were often discussed in the media. From tabloids scrutinizing Hollywood’s biggest stars on their changing figure, to countless campaigns and billboards that presented only a narrow ideal of beauty and body size, navigating this era was about constantly seeing your own flaws so that self-esteem became tied to the number on a scale or the size on a garment. While it’s been hard to shake off those gender stereotypes about body image, in 2022 we now know that strength is beautiful and our bodies should be celebrated for what they help us accomplish every day. for what they put us through and for the strength they give to each of us.

It’s something Sarah Herse practices herself, subjecting her body to grueling lifting sessions and workout routines so she can continue to defy all expectations and push herself to new limits as ‘she comes to see what is possible.

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While Herse’s physique is one that tells of his passion, he has also been the subject of constant trolling on TikTok and social media as vicious trolls attacked the bodybuilder and CrossFit trainer for his muscular physique. As one TikTok user commented, “Sorry, but if my arms are bigger than my boyfriend’s, slit my throat,” comparing Herse to her boyfriend.

Not one to shy away from speaking the truth or taking the trolls’ comments to heart, Herse and her partner instead scoffed at the comment and started comparing their biceps by measuring them. Herse revealed that her boyfriend’s bicep is 36cm and his is 27.9cm. She mimicked wiping the sweat from her brow and breathing a sigh of relief, but ultimately she made it clear that this was not a concern shared by the couple and that they did not care about these beauty standards claimed by the social media or society.

Another troll commented on her disgust at lifting Herse and wondered if she was even able to lift heavy loads, safely. They commented, “Enjoy the hernia!”

In response, Herse posted a video of his personal best lift at a staggering 159 kilograms. “I just discovered the response to the comment with the video feature! And hit a PR! What a great day!” writes Herse.

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For many, Herse’s body and lifestyle are ambitious as she continues to focus on things and achieve her goals in the world of bodybuilding, which has been primarily a male-dominated sport. Unsurprisingly, many of her followers were quick to voice their support and praise for such lifts. “I fix hernias every week, watched this a few times. Your form is perfect and you are going slow enough for your muscles to fully engage, you have no worries,” one commented .

“Literally only clowns who have never lifted a heavyweight say that,” wrote another.

The fact that Herse’s physique is being trolled suggests there’s still a long way to go in breaking down stereotypes and social constructs surrounding femininity and beauty standards. But by fighting back and continuing to achieve her goals, Herse shows that nothing is more beautiful than a strong, capable body, especially one that helps you achieve your goals.

Teresa E. Burton